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Fedex Ship Manager Server Error Codes


Figure 50. Alcohol Shipper Enable this checkbox to allow FedEx Groundalcohol shipments within the 50 U.S. Cleaned Postal When you enter your shipper address, including your postal code, FSMSchecks the URSA file to ensure that the postal code is correct and displays the matched postal code found. not allowed with%? have a peek here

User Levelaccess does not have permission to enable Electronic Trade Documents. 1)Select the ETD Allowed checkbox. Windows Vista Windows 2008 (Standard) 2 GB RAM 1.33 GHz processor 10 GB hard drive (minimum) Hayes compatible 56k modem 10/100 Mbps network adapter Windows-compatible CD ROM drive Environment that is Because no FedEx service is associated with this field, the Service column is marked with a double-dash as not being applicable. The default is unchecked, which means that global returns is not available or is off. https://www.fedex.com/us/developer/WebHelp/fsms/1501/html/FSMSHelp/FSMSTCR/Appendix_D_Error_Codes.htm

Fedex Error Code F055

Postal Service (USPS) for final delivery. or CA) master meters. Ground AccountNumber Your FedEx Groundaccount number. When a child meter is selected, label displays Meter Number with Master grayed out.

The Origin Loc ID may be overridden with FedEx assistance. To select another country, click the drop-down menu and highlight the appropriate choice. Do Not Allow Multiple Meters per AccountNumber Check this box to prevent multiple meters from using the same 9-digit FedEx account number. Fedex Validation Code F055 CA — Currency type in Fields 26, 69, 119, or 1030 is not CAD.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Fedex Shipping Error Codes Choose one of the following formats: oRTF: Rich Text Format, compatible with all versions of Microsoft® Word oTXT: ASCII text format, raw text with no formatting oDOC: Microsoft Word format oPDF: Note 2: If you utilize DG Commodity dry ice, the current FSMS logic will set tag 1268 to 'Y' and all Dry Ice edits will occur. 0276 The data for this Table 8.

Please check diskette. 0686 Due to the amounts entered, rounding has occurred. 0687 Recipient business code cannot exceed 12 characters. 0688 Invoice data not found for date requested. Fedex Failed To Insert Record Into Database If you process an 020 Global Ship Request for an intra-UK shipment and Field ID 23 (Payment Type) is set to anything other than 01 — Bill Sender (Prepaid for return Purge Time is the time at which the Ship Historyfiles are purged after the retention interval has elapsed. No hard error is returned, and the transaction is successful. 0487 Invalid related flag...Must be Y or N. 0488 Account number must be numeric. 0489 Recipient's account number must

Fedex Shipping Error Codes

Close Options Dialog Table 7. try here If the Merchant Shipper submits 020 transaction for a Hold At Location Flag (tag1200) which is set to ‘Y’ for Domestic Express or Ground shipment, HAL Contact Phone Number (tag 49) Fedex Error Code F055 You can also perform a demand upload, Field 2423 (Upload Flag), using this transaction. Fedex Error Messages Also, if invalid or non-existent information is included, then no client will be registered, updated or deleted.

The checkbox is visible under Field and Support Privilege Levels for sender countries allowed to use FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents (ETD). navigate here Table 101:General Error Codes Code Message 0 Successful -1 Bad_Version -2 No Db -3 Invalid Request -4 Bad Meter Number -5 Bad Account Number -6 Bad Ship Date -7 Bad Service Use of FedEx Ship Manager Server is free to high-volume FedEx customers. collect amount cannot be left blank when selecting C.O.D. What Does Fedex Code F055 Mean

connected to%?. 0000 Invalid backup drive specification. 0000 Invalid product key entered. per package weight exceeding %? shipments cannot be sent to areas served by delivery agents. 0119 C.O.D. http://theresab.com/error-code/fim-error-codes.html FedEx Global Returns- Terms and Conditions - English Selection 3)Select Print to print the Terms and Conditions. 4)Select I accept the terms and conditions and select OK, which then automatically checks

Line %d 0638 Unable to allocate memory: Module %s line %d. 0639 Invalid destination id entered. 0640 Invalid duty/tax. 0641 Currency cannot be left blank. 0642 Fedex Error Code 7022 Do your packages need to be there quickly? U.S.

Figure 43.

If you process an intra-India shipment in an 020 Global Ship Request and Field ID 1331 (Dangerous Goods Flag) is set to Y, A, I, Q or E. 0816 Freight To Table 5: FedEx Ship Manager ServerAccess Privileges Configuration Tab Description User Level Field Level Shipper Settings FedEx shipper record data, including sender contact and address information. Software ID Data CaptureFields Setting Description Client Name This field is provided for the entry of a FedEx Compatible interface or for customers who use FedEx Ship Manager® Enterprise with the Fedex Internal Server Error Priority max.

When a shipper submits 058 transaction with Process Request Code (Field 556) set to 6 and FSMS Service Name (Field 577) set to any Rate File Status codes with Meter Number please try again later. 0714 Unable to create file/directory ... Use Dynamic Surcharging Check this box to use the Dynamic Surcharging feature, which is described in detail in the FedEx Ship Manager® Server Developer Guide. http://theresab.com/error-code/fax-error-codes-bo.html If the problem persists, contact your software provider. 0000 Label files will be returned separately for this type of shipment 0000 Master Meter not created. 0000 Meter already

and%? All subsequent meters are child meters associated with the master meter. 1)To configure Shipper Settings, click the Shipper Settingstab. Include fields to assess handling charges in a FSMStransaction. b)Upload Customer and FedEx Generated shipping documents and ship at the same time via the 020/120 Global Ship Transaction. 2.8.2ConfiguringGlobal Returns Before creating your first international print return shipment, or a

a)When processing an Open Ship transaction for multiple-piece shipments (MPS) using Electronic Trade Documents, ensure you provide commodity level detail for both Master and Child pieces. or international? Module %s: Line %d 0637 Open File Err: %s File: %s Module: %s. Party may not get notified. 2237 Invalid or Missing language code for notification, defaulting to English. 2238 Tracking number required for Deleting a shipment. 2239 Tracking number not in database. 2240

Figure 32. Please call FedEx Technical Support via your normal support channel. These settings are global and apply to all meters on the server. Note: If you do not check at least one checkbox from the top two choices and one from the bottom two choices, then discounts will not be excluded.

IGDEnabled Enable this checkbox to enable FedEx International Ground® Distribution shipments. Please call FedEx Customer Support via your normal support channel to request FedEx Ground enablement." 4)Specify the contact and location information that you want to associate with the child meter, please check your disk drive. 0102 The default sender account number must match the POWERSHIP account number. 0103 Invalid Federal Express account number. 0104 The system must be Occurrence:All shipping [email protected] Confirm. 0194 Only domestic packages can be processed. 0195 No Saturday Pickup for this zip code/service. 0196 Service commitment must be AA or AM for this

or CA origin, all services enabled The IPD and IDF reports will be enabled when IPD is manually configured or after a download of the rate file if the account is Note: This is accomplished with the Demand DownloadUtility. Table 17 describes fields for general options.