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Ffmpeg Exit Codes


More... Definition at line 54 of file error.h. More... #defineAVERROR_UNKNOWNFFERRTAG( 'U','N','K','N') Unknown error, typically from an external library. How to sample points randomly below a curve? Check This Out

Log in or register to post comments Comment #8 slashrsm CreditAttribution: slashrsm commented February 19, 2012 at 1:08pm Status: Active ยป Fixed Log in or register to post comments Comment #9 Definition at line 50 of file error.h. static char *av_make_error_string (char *errbuf, size_t errbuf_size, int errnum) Fill the provided buffer with a string containing an error string corresponding to the AVERROR code errnum. I am having an issue while using ffprobe to gather information regarding the audio stream(s) of video files.

Ffmpeg Exit Code 1

Log in or register to post comments Comment #6 slashrsm CreditAttribution: slashrsm commented November 24, 2011 at 11:00pm ffmpeg is a complex tool, which needs some time to understand and master. More... #defineAVERROR_MUXER_NOT_FOUNDFFERRTAG(0xF8,'M','U','X') Muxer not found. What is the difference between "private interests" and "parochial interests"?

More... #defineAVERROR_FILTER_NOT_FOUNDFFERRTAG(0xF8,'F','I','L') Filter not found. What do you call someone who acts "cool-headed"? Make sure ffmpeg is compiled as shared libraries using the --enable-shared option of course i didnt make ffmpeg; just did a yum install Comments Comment #1 kreynen CreditAttribution: kreynen commented November Ffmpeg Error Code 22 Wish you luck.

if the file is exist and bigger than zero byte I would assume the process was successful. Ffmpeg Error Code Related 27ffmpeg: Combine/merge multiple mp4 videos - not working53FFmpeg: How to split video efficiently?0How to tell if ffmpeg errored?1FFMPEG Error while opening decoder for input stream0ffmpeg caps audio bitrate to 128kb/s0FFmpeg Closed (fixed)Project:Derivatives APIVersion:7.x-1.x-devComponent:CodePriority:NormalCategory:Support requestAssigned:UnassignedReporter:liquidcmsCreated:November 23, 2011 - 18:15Updated:March 4, 2012 - 13:10 Log in or register to update this issue Followed screencast for html5 and get this when uploading a video: Examples: transcode_aac.c.

Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets. Av_strerror Example I can get the output from ffmpeg but I dont know how can I customize the output to have better result. Seems stream 1 codec frame rate differs from container frame rate: 1000.00 (1000/1) -> 30.00 (30/1) Input #0, asf, from 'niceday.wmv': Metadata: WMFSDKVersion : WMFSDKNeeded : IsVBR : 1 last line of success: video:1006kB audio:134kB subtitle:0 global headers:0kB muxing overhead 0.943510% last lines from fails c:\x\test-9-8/30/2012-9:29:56-AM.mp4: Invalid argument rtmp://cdn.tv/cdn-live39/definst/stream01: Unknown error occurred My Question: Is there an option (or command

Ffmpeg Error Code

ffmpeg commands, that will be called in media_derivatives_html5 are: html5_h264: ffmpeg -i //infile// -vcodec libx264 -vpre ipod640 -b 250k -bt 50k -acodec libfaac -ab 56k -ac 2 -s 480x320 -threads 0 The author of this document will not do fixups on the scripting examples to conform to the changing standard. Ffmpeg Exit Code 1 i give up perhaps i'll fire an email off to my host company (which is typically very unhelpful) to see if they know the magical 100 commands necessary to install something Ffmpeg Exit Status I'd suggest looking for help with FFMPEG install on a forum dedicated to ffmpeg or your flavor of unix.

Visit the Trac open source project athttp://trac.edgewall.org/ [FFmpeg-user] Confusing ffprobe exit codes Dalibor Mitrovic dalibor.mitrovic.coding at gmail.com Wed Jun 26 10:44:22 CEST 2013 Previous message: [FFmpeg-user] Set loop/iterations for generated GIF his comment is here Definition at line 56 of file error.h. More... #defineAVERROR_INVALIDDATAFFERRTAG( 'I','N','D','A') Invalid data found when processing input. More... Ffmpeg Averror Codes

although i have given up on ffmpeg and will likely look at zencoder/s3 solution using the Video module; possibly one feature request for this module (and for Video as well); possibly Set strict_std_compliance if you really want to use it. #defineAV_ERROR_MAX_STRING_SIZE64 #defineav_err2str(errnum)av_make_error_string((char[AV_ERROR_MAX_STRING_SIZE]){0}, AV_ERROR_MAX_STRING_SIZE, errnum) Convenience macro, the return value should be used only directly in function arguments but never stand-alone. I use the following command line "ffprobe -show_streams -select_streams a singleAudioStreamVideoFile.mp4". http://theresab.com/error-code/fim-error-codes.html Download all attachments as: .zip Oldest first Newest first Threaded Comments only Change History (10) comment:1 Changed 23 months ago by herby Summary changed from ffmpeg exits with code for partial

More... #defineAVERROR_PATCHWELCOMEFFERRTAG( 'P','A','W','E') Not yet implemented in FFmpeg, patches welcome. Av_err2str More... #defineAVERROR_BUGFFERRTAG( 'B','U','G','!') Internal bug, also see AVERROR_BUG2. All merchandise is 50% off through 2016.

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Examples: transcoding.c. Definition at line 59 of file error.h. Referenced by aac_decode_er_frame(), aac_decode_frame(), aac_decode_frame_int(), aac_decode_init(), aac_parse_packet(), aasc_decode_frame(), ac3_decode_frame(), active_parameter_sets(), add_candidate_ref(), add_metadata(), add_wordlen_weights(), adpcm_decode_frame(), adpcm_decode_init(), adts_write_frame_header(), adx_decode_frame(), adx_decode_init(), adx_read_header(), aic_decode_coeffs(), aic_decode_frame(), aic_decode_header(), aiff_read_header(), alac_decode_frame(), alac_decode_init(), alac_set_info(), allocate_buffers(), allocate_frame_buffers(), amf_skip_tag(), amr_handle_packet(), amrnb_decode_frame(), Ffmpeg Error Code To String up vote 3 down vote favorite The Situation: I'm using ffmpeg (via .net) to save video files.

The exit codes do not change if the parameter "-show_streams" is omitted. This should not cause any problems, since there is no overlap or conflict in usage of exit codes between compiled C/C++ binaries and shell scripts.

PrevHomehttp://theresab.com/error-code/fax-error-codes-bo.html ffmpeg reasonably easy to get installed; but apparently not with the right codecs.

You could try to play with ffmpeg command line args. Referenced by detect_stream_specific(), and init(). #define AVERROR_BUGFFERRTAG( 'B','U','G','!') Internal bug, also see AVERROR_BUG2. Definition at line 49 of file error.h. Definition at line 57 of file error.h.

to get the right codecs (no documentation on what those are) requires code compile and resolving too many dependencies. Series Converging Uniformly Cutting my kid loose from my PS account? If the source URI terminates prematurely, such as by me shutting down the server that provides it, I get this: [mpeg4 @ 0x2bbbd20] illegal MB_type 4757kB time=00:01:09.46 bitrate= 561.0kbits/s dup=1 drop=0 Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up How to tell if ffmpeg errored or not?

share|improve this answer answered Jun 12 '15 at 11:06 Eleasar 462614 add a comment| up vote 3 down vote You could just check the exit code returned by ffmpeg. Regards, Andrew _______________________________________________ ffmpeg-user mailing list [hidden email] http://ffmpeg.org/mailman/listinfo/ffmpeg-user Carl Eugen Hoyos Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ FFmpeg-users Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Exit codes ‹ Previous Topic Next Topic › Classic List Threaded ♦ ♦ Locked 2 messages Andrew Sinclair Reply | Threaded An exit value greater than 255 returns an exit code modulo 256.

Referenced by a64_write_header(), a64multi_encode_init(), aac_decode_frame(), aac_encode_frame(), aac_encode_init(), aacPlus_encode_init(), aasc_decode_init(), ac3_decode_frame(), add_buffer_ref(), add_candidate_ref(), add_file(), add_fragment(), add_interval(), add_to_queue(), add_tracked_method(), adp_read_header(), adpcm_decode_init(), adpcm_encode_init(), adts_aac_read_header(), adx_encode_frame(), adx_encode_init(), adx_read_header(), adx_read_packet(), aea_read_header(), aea_read_packet(), aeval_config_output(), aeval_query_formats(), afc_read_header(), aic_decode_init(), Referenced by av_find_best_stream(). #define AVERROR_DEMUXER_NOT_FOUNDFFERRTAG(0xF8,'D','E','M') Demuxer not found. share|improve this answer answered Aug 31 '12 at 7:05 sashoalm 19.5k34155334 Is this guaranteed to be reliable? –nafg May 2 at 9:04 This does not work. but there is no number before/after last line.

More... #defineAVERROR_EOFFFERRTAG( 'E','O','F',' ') End of file. How do I approach this? Detailed Description Macro Definition Documentation #define AVERROR ( e) (e) Examples: avio_reading.c, demuxing_decoding.c, ffhash.c, filter_audio.c, filtering_audio.c, filtering_video.c, http_multiclient.c, qsvdec.c, resampling_audio.c, scaling_video.c, transcode_aac.c, and transcoding.c. Referenced by add_samples_to_fifo(), avformat_find_stream_info(), caca_write_header(), check_keyboard_interaction(), dshow_read_header(), ff_decklink_write_header(), ff_listen_connect(), ff_network_wait_fd_timeout(), ff_poll_interrupt(), hls_read(), init(), init_output_frame(), load_encode_and_write(), main(), open_input_file(), open_output_file(), read_data(), read_decode_convert_and_store(), read_header(), retry_transfer_wrapper(), rtp_read(), tcp_open(), and v4l2_read_header(). #define AVERROR_EXTERNALFFERRTAG( 'E','X','T',' ') Generic