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Fatal Error Can't Unwrap Optional.none (lldb)

So for example if we had to get both a username and password it would look like this:
let username: String? = "jquave"
let password: String? = "romneycomeback"

About 219 results I'll try to explain it adding block comments so you can see the inferred types and values. As you mentioned above that y2 is an optional value which may contains another optionanl value, the if let statement is just check the unwrap success. Playgrounds don't play nicely with assertions, so it becomes difficult to troubleshoot those cases. An optional in Swift is a variable that can hold either a value or no value. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25369551/fatal-error-cant-unwrap-optional-none

I also recently released a complete Swift 3 Fundamentals Tutorial that covers the language in greater detail. And we get to take advantage of the insanely awesome nil coalescing operator (??). Navigation. Why does A implies B is true if A is false and B is false?

Has one of you tried open a sqlite database that way? Why would an incredibly long lived race not be known for their scarring? Good luck. Still nothing (this time again with an Cocoa App) … It can not be that hard… I think I am doing something very very very stupid which keeps me from getting

Optional arguments in a function Proving tautology with coq My kids watch YouTube - how do I control what they see? thomasschoenfeld commented Jan 20, 2015 yeah, without readonly: true everything works fine. Optionals say either there is a value, and it equals x or there isnt a value at all. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24006287/cant-unwrap-optional-none Even worse, some websites are coming back as nil/nil.

Try replacing if !error with if error != nil. –vacawama Nov 22 '14 at 12:53 Actually, I just noticed your stack trace actually does call the callback. Optionals are written by appending a ? That did not help. denotes that it can be null hence making it an OPTIONAL variable and as you can see it is set to nil.

Because I did exactly as you wrote and I still have issues. http://fatal.error.cant.unwrap.optional.none.lldb.metawin.org/ If not it showing Fatal Error. My situation with my game (first game) is that I can't see WHAT exactly the debugger is finding nil. If you want, we could do a short remote session.

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is a shortcut for OptionalValue.Some(T). I am not that familiar with Xcode and was under the impression, once dragged into Xcode (and with „copy if needed“ checked) that Xcode would handle everything behind the scenes, linke We get the formatted username when there is one, and an empty string when it doesn’t exist. have a peek here I tried the other thing that you gave me the link to, the one with the images etc.

Open up Terminal and boot up the REPL: swift Let's get this error to show up, and analyze what's happening. Try removing readonly: true for the moment. I really appreciate the help.

I also had 2 additional problems with your project because of how you packaged it, though it's probably not an issue for you in the moment: • You didn't copy the

So here is my last email again… ok, so with playgrounds I am not getting anywhere. In general though, what you need to do is check that the variable is not nil before you unwrap it. username: String? = nil From the REPL it's clear that username is set to nil, in Xcode it's not always as obvious. Owner stephencelis commented Jan 17, 2015 Which of the two SQLite.framework files did you drag into the last two areas?

It's taken a long time to get to the point of realizing that the problems you're having are iOS/Mac/Xcode development issues and were unrelated to SQLite.swift. Owner stephencelis commented Jan 17, 2015 These images do not provide enough context to troubleshoot. There can be many events which may have resulted in the system files errors. Check This Out Let’s look at a more interesting example.

This article is part of the create iOS8 Applications with Swift tutorial series, here are the other published articles: Swift: Tuples an introduction… OT but I was looking at the FLAPPY Also From Lumarow: Learn WatchKit How to fix Fatal Error Can't Unwrap Optional.none (lldb) Error? Am 19.01.2015 um 20:53 schrieb Stephen Celis [email protected]: @thomasschoenfeld You should get a very specific assertion message back when running an application. Are effects that activate “on a 20” by definition “critical effects”?

If the optional value is .Some, it passes the contained value into the function. There are a lot of assumptions this code is making: This line isn't even in SQLite.swift yet.