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Fax Dcn Error


BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/501 HNG_INTERRUPT_OVERRUN The application was unable to process incoming interrupts/commands fast enough, and information was lost. The most common cause of these errors are line impairments such as noise or echo on the line. These are displayed in the outbox and sent tab in the status column of any failed faxes. The first number is typically zero ("0") and means that the call was placed.

BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/17 APIERR_LOCK_FAILED An attempt to gain a lock failed. Outcomes not matched in your custom file will be looked up in the default table. BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/24 APIERR_DATA DATA encountered during command processing. There are no errors encountered, so the corrected data block is acknowledged with an MCF, and the call disconnects gracefully with a DCN (Disconnect) message. https://www.simplycast.com/interactive-marketing-support/faqs/what-do-fax-error-messages-mean/

Fax Error Codes

BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/64 HNG_XMITD_PPSEOM_NORES No response received after third try for PPS-EOM. BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/40 HNG_XMITD_RR_NORES No response to RR after three tries. Access to dozens of video tutorials right at your fingertips! Figure 1.

If either device does not support or agree to ECM, the fax transaction proceeds as a normal G3, non-ECM call. Below, you'll find a list of common errors are their explanations. The call dropped prematurely The call dropped due to a non-fax transmission error. Timer T2 Expired While Waiting For Fax Page BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/1 APIERR_FILEIO File I/O error occurred.

Connection failed There was no receiver on the other end of the call to connect to. Fax Cfr However, it does show what happened at the time that the fax failed.For example, a Resulting status code of "0/339; 4/75" indicates that a DCN message was received from the remote BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/27 APIERR_MODULE_REMOVED Module was removed. more info here ECM Feature Disabled by a Cisco Voice Gateway From a message flow perspective, ECM and non-ECM calls are similar.

Below we list the error_codes for the API, segmented by their corresponding error_type. Fax2mail Status Codes This could be due to there being no fax machine on the receiving end, or a lack of call clarity. If you want to copy parts of this page you may do so provided you have gained permission from Asterisk I.T. This could be due to there being no fax machine on the receiving end, or a lack of call clarity.

Fax Cfr

BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/30 APIERR_ASYNC_CONTEXT_ERR Async context error. BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/71 HNG_RCVB_SE RSPREC error. Fax Error Codes There was no response received. 27997 ECM Baud Step Down Exceeded After a 4th ppr signal is received, a CTC signal is sent so as to step down the baud to Unexpected Dcn While Waiting For Dcs Or Dis Far end cannot receive at the resolution of the image The remote fax machine does not support receiving faxes sent at the resolution that our service sends at.

Some other signal was received. 27995 Send RNR Timeout The T5 timeout (60 seconds +- 5 seconds) occured while exchanging RR and RNR signals for an ECM send. 27996 No Response Disconnected after permitted retries The fax service attempted to send the same message multiple times unsuccessfully. BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/34 HNG_XMITB_INVAL_DMACNT Invalid DMA count specified for transmitter. As the success or failure of a fax transmission is entirely dependent on the telephony transport being used, these status messages can help to determine the underlying deficiency in end-to-end communication Remote Disconnect Fax Error

Figure 2. Contact Phaxio support. The entries below marked with an asterisk (83, 86, 88, 129, 186, 187) are an exception and can be changed to an outcome class which is retried. 58Znomorepagestosend 60*Zfailuretoupdatecontrolfile 61Zfailuretoinvokepre-processor 62Zfailuretoinvokepostprocessor This could be due to there being no fax machine on the receiving end, or a lack of call clarity.

We don't recommend this for the novice, you need to a fairly competent Linux Sys Admin before I would suggest you undertake this task. Fax Dcs Insufficient funds to send fax and not able to auto recharge: Cannot autorecharge. BT_STATUS_ERROR_DIAL 3/267 DIAL_NO_WINK 2nd or later wink missing for Feature Group D.

Timed out waiting for initial communication A call was established with the receiver and the bulk fax service attempted to establish a fax session, but there was no fax response from

The terminating fax machine will checksum the HDLC frames as an error detection method, and it will request for a frame to be retransmitted if it is corrupt (that is, contains For non-ISDN lines T.30 defines four timers, T1, T2, T3 and T5, which are used at various stages of sending the fax. Most of the fax error codes indicate details of low-level errors reported by the fax board. Fax2mail Error Code Dedu Components Used This document is not restricted to specific software and hardware versions.

BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/26 APIERR_FIRMWARE_ERR_DETECTED Firmware detected an error. BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/24 HNG_XMITB_SE RSPREC error. To unlock all features and tools, a purchase is required. Please contact Copia or your CopiaFacts supplier if you encounter persistent errors and would like to have a more detailed explanation than can be given in here and in the SMR

If this problem is encountered, most fax devices can easily disable the ECM feature. In practice, this should be rare and may indicate a system problem. Invalid response after sending a page An unexpected message was received after successfully sending a page. If this doesn't work, please try optimising your PDF Received bad response to DCS or training We received an unexpected response while querying the fax machine's capabilities Timer T2 expired while

The Fax Dcn Error error is the Hexadecimal format of the error caused. All the above actives may result in the deletion or corruption of the entries in the windows system files. Could not access the url you provided. As illustrated in the image, the first page is broken into two partial pages while the second page is wholly transmitted by a single partial page.

Depending on the remote machine's behaviour, it may have still printed the page and any preceding pages. If both the sending and receiving fax devices support ECM, ECM is typically used during the fax call. Figure 2 shows that the partial page, which makes up the second physical page, contained errors. Prerequisites Requirements There are no specific requirements for this document.