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TRANSPORT_ERROR -> IO_ERROR. 7cf0644 moved mbedtls config file out of mbedtls source tree 2f9b087 Fix variable return ack message id and token 720720e non blocking boost send/receive 17b2c84 missing file from wgbartley commented Oct 5, 2015 I know this is flagged for 0.4.7, but this worked with versions prior to 0.4.6. Copyright (c) 2009-10 Hernando Barragan. Added code to prevent a SIMPL windows program from starting that had an INCLUDE4_2SERIES.DAT version of 1.78 or less. weblink

Known Issues: Position of DRPCN is not known after power cycle. In order to achieve accurate slider functionality on touch screens, POSITION and POSITION_FB joins should not be tied together. be015da add test for github issue 671 ce8ab6a add include for memset 82ff0fa Merge remote-tracking branch 'spark/develop' into bug-fix-issue#671 a13f321 Login to Docker Hub only when having credentials 155e3b3 mbeddtls compiling Increased touch screen sample rate for improved list performance. https://community.particle.io/t/string-assignment-compiler-error-string-class/9452

This program does not see the USB port / SDC2130. eace327 CoAPMessageStore owns the objects stored in it. Broadcast Indirect Text symbol from SIMPL Windows is not supported. Switched underlying USB connection mechanism.

Forgot your username? With support for String added, we can then write simple code like: String variable; void setup() { Particle.variable("message", variable, STRING); } void loop() { static int count = 0; message = We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. A simple browser GET request to the device will then possibly be able to modify data on the device.

c46568a adds a confirmable flag for events a3c82d1 moves event CoAP message into Messages class. 66fcfb6 OTA buffer was being overwritten in the last 2 bytes with 0x0010 (16) by the The 2 biggest stack use cases - connecting to the cloud and softap configuration, were tested. 1fa0f26 application to test when the application continually sends queued requests to the system. Controller found on COM8. https://www.roboteq.com/index.php/forum/14-general-issues/29528806-sdc2130-firmware-update-error dfdebe6 parse port from server address info 5bbde46 `MODULAR_FIRMWARE` is a conditional optional define rather than always being defined as 0/1.

Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. Fixed handling of jumbo UDP frames. Do not use Bleed Color. Using the Keysight Firmware Update application prepared a USB stick, freshly formatted, making sure to respond "No" to the "Is the Revision string...1.14" as the current firmware is "3.03-1.19-2.00-52-00", I think

Replaced cpp:channel with a RTOS queue just to investigate if that was the cause of the SOS. https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/44316/auth-fail-error-message-when-upgrading-ip-phone-firmware Audio may drop out if the level of the audio during a "Quiet" scene is too low. myString = "" + centerString(myString); ScruffR 2015-01-19 13:14:46 UTC #6 What error messages do you still get? Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation.

See SIMPL Windows help for more detailed information Corrected several buffer overflow issues that could cause instability when Cresnet/Ethernet requests were coming in faster than DALI commands could be sent out have a peek at these guys Reviewed-by: Franky (Zhenhui) Lin Reviewed-by: Hante Meuleman Reviewed-by: Daniel (Deognyoun) Kim Reviewed-by: Pieter-Paul Giesberts Signed-off-by: Arend van Spriel --- drivers/net/wireless/brcm80211/brcmfmac/fwil.c | 73 +++++++++++++++++++++++++- 1 file changed, Fixed Issues Fixed issue where a disconnection from Fusion would result in loss of meeting data. misc improvements to new protocol implementation 8c512fc explicitly wait for HELLO response during CoAP handshake.

ed038ab change log + license header bb34206 ensure malloc() can return NULL when heap is exhausted. Default values of reserved joins greater than 23000 were incorrectly being retrieved. Fixes an issue in which the positions of the language bar moves after you change languages. http://theresab.com/firmware-error/firmware-error-900.html When the 5 second timeout causes wifi to wake up, the watchdog has tripped, and this causes the exceptional path through manage_network() (same as when wifi is reset.) The combination of

Please wait for the update to complete and the LED on the front of the device to turn green before attempting to reconnect. In my case the 7941s are using 8.5.2, so I will change SCCP41.8-4-4S to SCCP41.8-5-2SThis way we stop the system to push t he load to both 7941s and 7961s, and Changed to more robust file system format. (Note: You will see a one-time maintenance process occur after this firmware is loaded for the first time.

This will prevent reboots seen with the new firmware and older INCLUDE4_2SERIES.DAT.

deaf3d3 added wake up functionality for the fuel gauge 401655c move WLAN_CAN_SHUTDOWN behind accessor methods dce5af9 FIRM-258 - IMEI is reported over serial when SIM card is not present. 6668d60 FIRM-256 Previously, it was possible that the Position_Fb would differ slightly, resulting in keypad LEDs not properly reporting that a scene/preset was true. System will now monitor H.264 playback for issues, and will restart the stream if necessary. removed debug info to Serial in Printable to string test. 272c8c9 remove formatting API on the Core since `strftime` takes 8+KBytes of flash even if the optional formatting isn't used. 338107e

Fixes the build for the Core and newhal. 77de71b test application for backup ram. 8257a60 save a 4 byte value in memory which is used to detect if the retained variables Close Menu Products Forum Home Applications Jewelers Dental Universities Model Makers Prototyping / Manufacturing Gallery Support Getting Started Documentation & Downloads Instructional Videos About Story Executive Bios Blog Press Releases Contact Existing Identify mode by using Open/Close button on motor will result in the shade not returning to the original position. (Released the Week of June 23, 2014) http://theresab.com/firmware-error/firmware-error.html This is not a supported configuration.

Implemented Ramping for analog values on SmartObjects Implemented feature that allows long strings to be automatically broken up when sending to device, including with an update request. Checking COM3...device not found. This bug has existed in all versions of 0.4.x - surprising no-one has noticed until now! 18d873f SPI.transfer() not linked. This website should be used for informational purposes only.

Semi-automatic and manual mode requires the application code to call `Particle.connect()`. 1036912 Merge branch 'develop' into feature/electron-socket 54c1de9 strict typechecks for Particle.variable(). Corrected assorted but infrequent streaming video issues.