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First Class Error 1072


I run Win XP SP3. But I still get the same error. Reply Quote ineedalifetoday Re: "Driver Error" CreateService 1072 April 21, 2010 06:12PM Registered: seven years ago Posts: 857 leave the lists and config Reply Quote Anonymous User Re: "Driver Error" CreateService Welcome! http://theresab.com/first-class/first-class-errors.html

This is likely the result of some strange bug. Cheers. --------------------------- Driver Error --------------------------- PeerBlock is unable to load the packet filtering driver. class win32_error CreateService 1072 The specified service has been marked for deletion. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Reply Quote Attachments: open | download - peerblock.log (16KB) ineedalifetoday Re: "Driver Error" CreateService 1072 April I have this problem with the latest stable release and r131, r320, r404.

First Class Error 1111

Reply Quote Attachments: open | download - Thanks for any help! Log file attached. N.B.: My system is an upgrade from Win NT (yrs ago), so the usual C:\Windows folder is C:\Winnt.

Log In Create A New Profile Home > Support > Topic Advanced "Driver Error" CreateService 1072 Posted by Anonymous User Forum List Message List New Topic Anonymous User "Driver Error" CreateService With the latter, I uninstalled PB, rebooted, then reinstalled, as suggested above. it starts fine the first time after a reboot, but fails to start on every subsequent attempt. PB works fine on my laptop, which is a direct install of XP and C:\Windows is present.

I know there are bugs like this which are reported to be resolved, but I am still having this problem. Thank you for helping us improve PeerBlock! Please report this error, including all information that follows, to the PeerBlock team at [forums.peerblock.com]. Here's the error message with log attached.