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First Class Error 4024

If the problem persists, consider reinstalling the network software or drivers, or contact the network administrator for further instructions. 4127 Message: Cannot execute program. When reported by a FirstClass client, either the password entered is incorrect or the user ID is not valid and auto-registration is not enabled on the server. Install the connection tools into the system to be used by FirstClass. 1609 Server message: Request cancelled by user. You can only remove licenses that have been installed. 5404 Message: Maximum number of licenses installed in one Tools session. http://theresab.com/first-class/first-class-errors.html

Server message: Bad or invalid request. Note Trace information will be logged for every settings file that uses this type of connection. 3Click Setup to open the Service Setup form. There are more than 14 dictionary files in the Tools folder, including the user dictionary. There are two (2) ways to fix First Class Error 4024 Error: Advanced Computer User Solution (manual update): 1) Start your computer and log on as an administrator. 2) Click

Server message: Can't forward. Then force a trash collection to recover space on the server. 1043 Client message: Sorry, a résumé does not exist for this user. Code that sends #signal to resumable exceptions can use this value, or ignore it, and continue executing. This indicates a network configuration error.

There is no FirstClass server running on the machine at that address. 1208 Client message: Warning! Disk full? See required and recommended configurations in FirstClass Administrator's Guide. This error may also occur if the client is running a version of the FirstClass software that is older than the server software.

You clicked a button on the Setup form for a new object before saving the object. sig retry] ] retryUsing: Like #retry, except that it effectively replaces the original block with the one given as an argument. Reconnect to the server and try again. 1011 Client message: That feature is not yet implemented. http://www.saetechnologies.com/first-class-error-4024/ You can change the run number on the Options > Project Attributes form and rebuild the application. 1005 All of this application's sessions are currently in use.

That item is no longer available, since the owner has deleted the original. For example, if you are writing a word processor, you might provide the user with a way to make regions of text read-only. Using #signal Signalling an exception is really a two-step process. If this problem persists, contact Centrinity Customer Support. 1013 Client message: You are already logged in.

FirstClass does not appear to have been properly installed on the current drive. 5302 Message: Port limit exceeded. http://win101.org/first-class-error-4024/ Make sure the dictionary file is not read only. 6104 Message: Too many lexicon files in Tools folder; please remove any unnecessary lexicon files. The application is configured to run only once. This error is not related to actual memory available from the operating system, except indirectly, as the memory at startup affects the limit assigned to each session.

You tried to open a résumé for a user or conference that does not have one. 1044 Client message: Sorry, there is no FirstClass server with that name on the network. have a peek at these guys An attempt to create a file or folder has failed. Server message: Server object is damaged. Handling exceptions To handle an exception when it occurs in a particular block of code, use #on:do: ^[someText add: inputChar beforeIndex: i] on: ReadOnlyText do: [:sig | sig return: nil] This

Your value here will map to the S7 register. FirstClass could not rename the current user Directory. 5515 Message: User break. Duplicate site IDs. check over here Check for software updates, and if the problem persists, contact Centrinity Customer Support. 4111 Message: Cannot open file.

FirstClass cannot find one of the resources required by the settings file. Server message: Unknown object type. Server message: Cannot subscribe: not a conference.

For example, try to connect using IPX or AppleTalk when that protocol has not been installed. 1077 Client message: Your message could not be sent because it contains partially attached files.

The last request sent to the server was lost. Server message: No résumé. However, because you use the first-class classes feature of Smalltalk, it is not so easy to find and change all sends. Add the extension to the Server folder and restart the server.

If the problem persists, contact Centrinity Customer Support. 4121 Message: Limit exceeded. Server message: Name already in use. This error may also occur if a settings file or Gateway Configuration form has been incorrectly configured. this content This is invoked by sending #defaultAction to the class.

Please close some of your windows and try again. Server message: Communications tool missing or incorrectly configured. Choose a longer password. 1104 Client message: Your request cannot be completed because there is not enough memory available on the server. Please delete some files and try again.

Check that you have entered your userID and password correctly. Who should read this book This book is intended for FirstClass administrators responsible for installing and maintaining a FirstClass server, Internet Services or additional FirstClass components on either the Mac® OS