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First Class Error Messages

After three failures, the database extension is automatically disabled until the server is restarted. 1070 Client message: The object you have accessed is on a disk which is not currently available A user tried to perform an operation which requires a folder, but the object doesn't exist or is a file. Reopen the conference and try again. Top 4100 range error messages The FirstClass errors in the 4100 range describe file system errors. 4101 Message: An error occurred while reading from the file. his comment is here

For AppleTalk® connections, make sure the zone is correct. Error response Provide an error response. Check your connection setup. This defines both a JSON and XML format for error handling and there are libraries out there for most languages which will decode it for you.

This error may also occur if you have used all your user licenses for that class. Communication with the client has failed. Check for software updates, and contact Centrinity Customer Support or restore the entire FirstClass post office data from a backup. 4119 Message: No such volume. Please remember that you must supply the CED Support Center with the following information in order for them to assist you as efficiently as possible: Your first and last name Your Mainestreet

This error may occur if the login limit for the user logging in is set too low. If the user requires additional space, increase this limit. Otherwise, until files are deleted, the user will not be able to upload files or send messages. 1095 Client message: The alias you have chosen already exists in the Directory. Obsolete.

Either copy the object to a new volume, or recreate the object on the new volume. History A347Home• Help• Customization Tools• FCAS• A347 FirstClass error messages (1000 - 1018) Error # Error message Definition 1000 Attribute or method not found. Reconnect to the server and try again. 1011 Client message: That feature is not yet implemented. If this is a Communications ToolBox connection, check that the tool is configured to allow 8-bit bidirectional data transfers. 4008 Message: No dial tone.

Make sure the modem is working correctly and that the modem session has been correctly configured. You tried to use Batch Admin to modify the item size of a conference or folder that is not empty. 1023 Client message: Cannot insert a name here. Server message: Communication Toolbox has not been installed. This error may also occur when you have defined the maximum number of gateways or user groups.

This error message probably indicates a problem with the FirstClass server's master volume. 4125 Message: Program error, or invalid parameter. https://online.umaine.edu/2015/12/15/umaineonline-technical-support-firstclass/ You have tried to run more than one copy of the application. For example, a message with no "To" field would cause this error. 4000 range error messages The FirstClass errors in the 4000 range describe client error messages related to modem communications. Server message: User's application lacks feature You invited a user to chat, but that user's version of the FirstClass client is old and does not support the chat feature or chat

You cannot unsend an unsent message. 2012 Server message: Silent NDN. http://theresab.com/first-class/first-class-errors.html The server translates it to a text message. 2009 Server message: Multi-Match: Recipient matched multiple names at remote site. It is also available in the Server Monitor's "Users" tab. Go to PC Pitstop and run their bandwidth test.

A user tried to move a file or folder from one volume to another. Server message: Server write-protected. You tried to use Batch Admin to modify the item size of a conference or folder that is not empty. 1023 Client message: Cannot insert a name here. weblink A specified path or file name exceeds the length limit for that item.

Make sure IPX is configured and running on the computer. 1075 Client message: Could not open a network socket. Try deleting it manually. 5508 Message: Directory rebuild failed. A FirstClass server or another install utility is already running.

Server message: Duplicate server name.

This indicates a network configuration error. Warning only. This error occurs if the communications link fails or if the server is running very slowly. To upgrade more licenses, click OK on the License dialog.

The FirstClass server has not answered the call. The client will use this in order to decode the error response. For more information on configuring your modem, see the sessions information in FirstClass Tools Reference. 1005 Client message: That object no longer exists. check over here Share this:Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on