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First Class Login Error


The server cannot initiate a call because the modem cannot obtain a dial tone. Select a unique alias. 1096 Client message: You cannot perform that function until you have read the message. Delete the damaged document (if possible) or try shutting down and restarting the server. 1007 Client message: Sorry, that document is damaged and cannot be accessed. Novice Computer User Solution (completely automated): 1) Download (First Class Login Error 1003) repair utility. 2) Install program and click Scan button. 3) Click the Fix Errors button when scan is weblink

No refunds will be given for returned products that have missing components. Usually this indicates a file system failure, a damaged file, or a program error in FirstClass. The user's mail alias, entered on the user information form, is a duplicate of another alias on the system. You have been granted read-only access.

First Class Error 1111

Delivery failed because the user does not have access to the conference or gateway. 2005 Server message: Delivery was incomplete because the message had too many recipients. You can also reduce the conference expiry period, or configure the "Expire Old Messages When Number of Items Reaches" field. It includes error messages for each of the components of FirstClass. The connection was shut down by the tool.

Determine which resource cannot be found. There is not enough memory to open the settings file. It is also available in the Server Monitor's "Users" tab. Umaine First Class Log off and then log in again as the administrator or as a subadministrator.

Note: The manual fix of First Class Login Error 1003error is Only recommended for advanced computer users.Download the automatic repair toolinstead. First Class Email Login You tried to send a message larger than the maximum size limit for the conference. This usually indicates that the object was manually deleted by the user, rather than by FirstClass, or that the file was damaged and removed by Trash Collection. Please Quit and log in again.

Used internally only. 2013 Server message: Message was rejected at delivery time because it was too large. Server message: Bad person name. Server message: Modem has dropped the connection. For example, you may be attempting to run FirstClass Voice Services 5.5 and FirstClass Server 7.0.

First Class Email Login

This could happen on a modem or WAN connection if the timeout is not long enough, but is most likely caused by an incorrect configuration. You tried to perform a function such as paste, without opening a message on your Desktop. First Class Error 1111 To purchase license diskettes, contact your FirstClass reseller or Centrinity Inc. 5402 Message: Trying to add a license that is already installed. First Class Client Disconnect and try to reconnect to the server.

You tried to add too many licenses at one time. have a peek at these guys It can also be reported if an Internet alias contains one or more spaces. 1029 Client message: Sorry, only the administrator can perform that function. Check for hardware problems, and make sure the modem is configured correctly. The FirstClass client software was not properly installed. Firstclass

Communication with the client has failed. Usually this message appears in the FirstClass server only--the FirstClass client software beeps to indicate the end of a thread. 1063 Client message: Servers cannot connect. If a user working on a Mac OS reports this problem, instruct him or her to quit FirstClass and give more memory to the application. http://theresab.com/first-class/first-class-login-error-1044.html The gateway closes the connection and exits. 3004 Message: Internal use.

Reinstall the software. 1204 Client message: FCP file configured incorrectly. Wait for the form to fill completely before clicking in any field. 1069 Client message: The database extension which handles this query form is not available on the server. To ensure that AppleTalk is enabled, choose Chooser from the Apple menu, and make sure the AppleTalk Active option is selected. 1089 Client message: You are not authorized to use FirstClass

An attempt to perform a file system operation on a file or folder has failed.

The connection was lost. To correct this, close and reopen the message. 1027 Client message: The communication link has failed. This error occurs if it is currently locked by another application or user. Server message: Could not load OT AppleTalk driver.

You tried to change a damaged file. Check for software updates, and if the problem persists, contact Centrinity Customer Support. 4111 Message: Cannot open file. Please contact your administrator and report the problem. this content button In the Server: field, enter fc.bus.emory.edu and click the Save button.

Warning only. It will then bring you to a section where you must agree to the electronics communications policy. A user tried to move a file or folder from one volume to another. You can restrict the functions to which users have access.

You typed invalid characters in a user name, or it is too long, or you left the last name blank. This warning may appear on the FirstClass Internet Services console, and can be safely ignored. 1213 Client message: You cannot place more than 64K of data into a form field. This error may also occur after a communication link failure, if the server has not yet detected the failure of the link. For example, to log trace information for a modem connection, this field should say MODEM.FCP. 4Click Configure. 5Click the Advanced tab on the configuration form. 6Select the events for which you

Retrieved from "http://techhelp.mcla.edu/index.php/I_cant_log_in_to_FirstClass._What_do_I_do%3F" Views Search for Help Popular Quick Links Main Page New Account Setup Manage Your Account Office 365 Email Information MCLA's Single Sign On Portal E-Academy Software Set up Only one license may be applied to a single FirstClass server installation, so install the proper licenses in the servers so that each server has a unique set of licenses. Trap number 0x00000000, or Divide by Zero Error, may indicate memory corruption. … This error generally occurs during boot, … FirstClass error messages are listed sequentially for easier … This error Server message: No résumé.

You tried to open a résumé for a user or conference that does not have one. 1044 Client message: Sorry, there is no FirstClass server with that name on the network. Check your connection setup. You can verify this by using any of the other services that require a MCLANET ID and password such as student tools, the computer labs or any of the account management This article contains information that shows you how to fix First Class Login Error 1003 both (manually) and (automatically) , In addition, this article will help you troubleshoot some common error

From TechHelp - MCLA's Technology Help Center Jump to: navigation, search There could be a variety of reasons as to why you can't login. Communication failed while connected When a modem connection fails while a call is in progress, the cause can be difficult to identify. The messages are listed sequentially for easier reference. The user does not have the Read/Unread privilege and has attempted to move, copy or delete an unread message.

Two servers with the same serial number are attempting to connect. Try deleting it manually. 5508 Message: Directory rebuild failed. The privilege for working offline is not enabled for this user, or a remote user has tried to work offline, but the Remote Personal Services license is not installed on the