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If your device has a slide-out disc tray, you will need to disassemble it to gain access to the lense. This feature is not available right now. Deep gouges are not repairable. It is hit and miss.

Have you ever attempted the toothpaste CD repair, or do you have any tips and tricks of your own to fix scratches on a CD? I have 2 discs I bought that had scratches on them when I first opened them.. Dennis Top Deals Search Open Menu Close Menu PC & Mobile Windows Mac Linux Android iPhone and iPad Internet Security Technology News Lifestyle Entertainment Productivity Creative Gaming Browsers Social Media Finance FYI, toothpaste is really good for cleaning the grease off your hands after you've been working on the car. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/7-bizarre-home-remedies-that-r-152502

How To Fix A Scratched Cd With Toothpaste

True or False: Can You Fix a Scratched CD With Toothpaste? Reply www.stage-drama.com August 14, 2009 at 2:54 am This Really Works????? I had no directions but it was a clean disk and I made sure it snapped on all the way around. By sanding away the imperfection, you’re removing deflection of the laser beam, and by doing so you’re correcting the problem.

We are working to restore service. Rub from the inside to the outside in a straight line. You’re probably familiar with such exaggerated stories – like the one where water boiled in the microwave can explode (only partially true), or the one about the Microsoft email beta test How To Remove Deep Scratches From A Cd I used a permanent marker on the label side (2 coats) and it worked (on CDs, but maybe not movie DVDs, and certainly if it's an executable file, then it's not

Use a quality CD drive from a desktop computer. Thanks!!!!!!!
Really want to clarify something here for you:

1) The process that your video store used was to literally sand down the disc. by germanpickle in home-theater Download 3 Steps Share Favorite I Made it! http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/7-bizarre-home-remedies-that-r-152502 There is no "virtual" memory.

Make sure to gently clean in straight lines from the inside rim to the outside. Cd Scratch Remover Walmart Seems like it should be strong for deep cuts and finishes up with a good shine. Then I dry it off with a microfiber cloth or some other lint free substance. You can do a search to find out exactly how long..
Petrolium Jelly is not an abrasive compound, it's not capable of polishing, so this solution probably works by filling in the

How To Remove Scratches From A Cd With Vaseline

The reason is that circular strokes will lead to longer grooves that more readily deflect the laser beam and cause mis-reads and errors.

A store bought scratch-filler will definitely do the job, but you can also turn to things like peanut oil and baking soda to do the same thing. How To Fix A Scratched Cd With Toothpaste It does not take much to damage a CD. Cd Scratch Remover Machine Note that due to the slow reading, and multiple attempts at trying to read a damaged section, these programs can take a very long time to complete (a Windows XP disc

Loading... With Xbox 360 discs, if you use one of the temporary methods, you can install the game to the hard drive by going to the game library, clicking on the game, And those disc covers can work wonders. Facebook Pinterest Instagram Apartment Therapy Search House Tours Apartments Houses Studios International Shop the Style Video Tours Color Search Design Ideas & Inspiration Small Spaces Renters Solutions Design 101 Color Trends How To Fix A Scratched Xbox 360 Game

Sign in to make your opinion count. Testing this long verbose error message to check the behaviour More From The Stuff Network BrainStuff CarStuff Stuff Mom Never Told You Stuff of Genius Stuff They Don't Want You to this is the way the data is read.. Dennis Top Deals Search Open Menu Close Menu PC & Mobile Windows Mac Linux Android iPhone and iPad Internet Security Technology News Lifestyle Entertainment Productivity Creative Gaming Browsers Social Media Finance

Good point! Cd Repair Service And dont expect to remove all the scratches, you just buff them and remove the sharp/jagged edges so the laser doesnt skip. I have one damaged CD with a lot images, and I can recover them, but I'm used other tool named Max Data Recovery.

The surface around the scratch should begin to look shiny with many tiny scratches.

Loading... You can use a gentle detergent (or rubbing alcohol) if there are some grease spots. Please examine my poorly drawn sketch of a cross section of a standard CD. Cd Refinishing Machine Sign in Share More Report Need to report the video?

I'd start with 2000 grit and see if that's enough to take the scratches out if it's not go to a lower grit. It may not be permanent but it sure works in a hurry when you have an upset 4 year old wanting to watch Thomas the Tank! Work your way around the CD using this motion until the CD is completely covered with a thin layer of the toothpaste. The auto-repair abrasive might be a good start for the deep cuts.

I wonder what telescope lens makers of the 1600's were using.

However, I would recommend NOT using soap and water to clean any disc, as the water will tend to cause the aluminum layer to separate from the acrylic substrate. Reply Shaun Brown August 14, 2009 at 10:55 am I swear by using Pledge wood polish. My daughter scratched her favorite Wii game and they are sooooooo expensive. Sign in 331 Loading...

The toothpaste can obviously get trapped in the scratches so thoroughly cleaning it off well after the buffing is an important step! Put a deep stratch on that side of the disk and you may as well throw it in the garbage! The CD burner on your computer may be able to read the CD well enough to produce a perfect copy. Many burning programs can be set to continue reading after getting an error (such as not being able to read a section due to a scratch).

Do not use the sun! Reply Aden August 14, 2009 at 2:46 pm A couple of notes, first off - good article. The fat PS2 has ajustment screws. Apply a dab of paste (not gel) to a cotton swab or soft cloth and apply it directly to the scratch.

I never heard of anyone using them but why not???? i've tried everthing! If the program can not read a section at all, it will fill it with random data. Rumor has it that it works.

Car polish/buffer cleaner should be the least abrasive. Tell us about it! © 1994–2016 AT Media. A few scratches here and there and they can easily become coasters on your table.