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Bulk Rename Utility is a somewhat challenging to learn program that works great and can rename to any formula I need. By putting a mirror command in the startup folder, you get a backup every time you start your computer. Please comment, rate and subscribe if you like this video!! In Windows XP, uncheck the Allow Indexing Service to Index This Disk for Fast File Searching option. http://theresab.com/windows-xp/faster-start-up-windows-xp.html

I use a paid program called Vice-Versa for this task, but MSFT has a perfectly adequate free program, SyncToy, for this purpose. Remove Unnecessary Software You may have a bunch of software packages on your hard drive that are no longer needed, or they were gratuitously installed when you downloaded some other package. Go to Control Panel / System / Advanced, then press the Settings button under Performance. Optimize Windows' Display Settings One of the quickest and easiest ways to make Windows run faster is to change several of its display settings. http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1329140

How To Speed Up Windows Xp Professional

Create a System restore point and Backup Registry before making any changes to your system. When finished, if any files need to be removed by a reboot you will be asked to reboot. It is very lightweight and plays pretty much everything. NOTE : This only works up to 4 gigabytes of RAM, as Windows XP (x86) doesn't support any more than that.

DarkCIoudStudios 31,918 views 4:07 Install Windows XP in Dual Boot with Pre-Installed Windows 7 by Britec - Duration: 9:12. In Windows XP, uncheck the Allow Indexing Service to Index This Disk for Fast File Searching option. Update and Secure Your Software Speaking of software, new security exploits are discovered daily on the Internet. How To Make Windows Xp Boot Faster How to Speed Up Windows XP For Windows 7 Speed TipsSee Speed Up Windows 7 Your computer and your car's engine are similar in one important way.

It's this index that Windows searches when you conduct a query from the Start menu. If you want to fiddle with the Custom Size options, be my guest! We need to edit a registry key to tweak it. http://www.askvg.com/master-tutorial-to-make-your-windows-xp-super-fast/ Recommended software : ToolwizTimeFreeze -Prevents unwanted changes to your computer.

Backgrounds To replace the standard Windows backgrounds, take a look at these free Wallpapers. How To Make Xp Faster And Smoother Here's how to do it: Reboot your system and wait for a blank screen with a little text on it; the text should tell you how to enter the BIOS or Select the drive that contains the pagefile, and then check the Custom Size option. See my article Secure Your Software.

Make Windows Xp Faster And Improve Its Performance

Looking at Display (I assumed it was onboard) reads: SiS 661FX 32MB Resolution 1024 x 768 x 60 hertz The main HDD is WDC WD80 (NTFS): 75Gb with Some of peskiest Windows performance problems can be solved by giving attention to these areas. How To Speed Up Windows Xp Professional Frank Just testing Gerőg Awesome i test :D JC Thank you! How To Make Windows Xp Faster And More Efficient Mirroring or synchronization programs generally will create an icon which when clicked automatically runs the program; it is this icon that belongs in the startup folder.

But maybe not, we'll see. this contact form Games are especially likely to add viruses and spyware. Posted by: Joe 29 Mar 2013 This is one of the best articles on how to clean up XP that I've seen! It gives a lot of info on Microsoft services. How To Make Windows Xp Faster For Gaming

Essential or Free Programs Firefox Every Windows XP user should use Firefox. Backup My Documents folder It is a really good idea to back up your documents daily. Turn Off System Restore This next speedup is not one I particularly recommend, because Windows' System Restore feature has tremendous potential value if you have future system problems. http://theresab.com/windows-xp/faster-startup-windows-xp.html RAM is not very expensive.

Show pop-up description for folder and desktop icons. Make Windows Xp Run Faster Old Computer I do what I can but it is up to the boss and when we said we needed a newer computer he turned to facebook asking if anyone had any computers Transfer your pagefile to a faster hard drive The pagefile is used by Windows to store virtual memory when you don’t have enough physical RAM.

The hardware is of course the same, the broadband connection is the same, I can only think it is the OS.

Optimize Virtual Memory As you recall, Windows uses your hard drive as virtual memory when regular memory fills up. First rule, when in doubt, do not remove it. Here's how to do it: Click the Start button and select Run. How To Fast My Pc Windows Xp In fact, I gained an excellent new computer.

My Windows startup is taking longer than ever, and once it finally stops churning, everything runs slower than it used to, when my computer was new. For example, removing all but the most essential startup programs (as discussed in Chapter 4, "Cleaning Out Unnecessary Programs"), will help Windows not only load faster but run smoother. When the Control Panel opens, double-click Fonts. http://theresab.com/windows-xp/faster-windows-xp-start-up.html This feature is not available right now.

When the System Restore window opens, click the Open System Protection link. I also have cleaned the dust out of the case as much as I could without taking anything apart (just opening the case up with computer off and unplugged) since it In Windows XP, this should open the System Properties dialog box, but not so in Windows Vista. Comments PsyCic AweSome ....

That's an easy one, but you'll probably find more. The MSFT antispyware product works well for preventing and removing spyware, but it occupies a lot of RAM and really bogs down PCs. CAUTION If Windows displays an Access Is Denied warning message, click the Ignore All button. When the System Properties dialog box appears, select the System Protection tab.

Figure 6.5 Viewing background services in Windows Vista. I wish there was some way I could convince the boss that this computer isn't good enough for today's needs anymore... Security programs A significant issue with security programs is that they often damage performance as much as viruses. (Of course, hopefully antivirus vendors aren't also stealing your credit card information and